Lema Association

In San Juan la Laguna located at Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala the women’s cooperative Lema‘ is producing handmade textiles with natural dyes and colors. Their mission is to keep the ancestral Mayan culture and tradition alive. Since the introduction of synthetic dyers, the traditional way of using plants as tint has been more or less abandoned. This association preserves the ancient technique and so produces a broad variety of high quality products, 100% organic. Around 30 women are currently working in the association, who mainly aims to increase the quality of their living in the small village. As the textile cooperative with indigenous roots started to export their products to the US they now aim to get more popular and try to sell their products also to other countries.

During June / July 2013 I have the great opportunity to work together with this group of Tz‘ utujiles women on Marketing, PR and Sales. This blog will inform you about this very interesting project, my experiences there and how this project could be supported in the future.

This project is part of the non-profit organization Proyecto Mosaico founded in 1998 in Guatemala. Their mission is to create a grand mosaic of help among the poorest countries in Latin America. For more information check on the website of Proyecto Mosaico.

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