HoodRide: Living in a Shipping Container

The decision was made: I’m gonna spend my last semester of the European Master in Tourism Management in Phoenix, Arizona studying at Arizona State University (ASU). The pending question: Where to stay? Checking AirBnB, the first thing that caught my attention was the offer from Cindi and Derrick, who are the owners of the local bike shop -HoodRide- and offer shipping containers for stay. Bicycles, Community Vibes & a totally different sleeping experience sounded perfect to me. And here I am: in the middle of the Artistic District in Phoenix Downtown, surrounded by a community of creative & amazing people, enjoying my experience to live in a shipping container with an outdoor bathroom, where you can watch the stars while taking a shower in the middle of the US’s 6th largest city. A happy day and come by to visit!

Everyday here is a new source of inspiration.

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