European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM), 4th

Time to say goodbye! 1.5 years of staying together in our EMTM family came to an end. Thanks for all the laughter, great memories, each one’s uniqueness and for being my friends. It was an honour to get to know you and you will always stay in my heart.


The last semester of our Masters Program, is individual for all of us. There are mainly two options during this time: either we could stay with a partner university inside (Denmark, Slovenia, Spain) and outside Europe (USA, India, China, Brazil), or to look for an internship / job opportunity worldwide. In September 2015, we hopefully all meet again, for our graduation ceremony in Girona, Spain. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s story.


Personally, I am invited as a research scholar, to work on my thesis at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, in Phoenix. From March on I will stay in the US for around six months to work on my thesis: ‚Designing a human-centered bicycle tourism experience.‘, asking the question: ‚How can one design human-centered cycling tourism experiences for touring cyclists?‘. My aim is to understand how people experience their cycling trips in order to inform how these experiences can be enhanced.


Bicycle tourism is making a comeback and is a proven catalyzer for economic and sustainable development for rural communities and small towns. To attract touring cyclists one needs to design cycling experiences that costumers want and are meaningful to them. The goal of my research is to uncover user needs and desires and articulate them. It is anticipated that a co-design approach seems well suited to this need, wherein relevant solutions emerge from a social, or participatory, process that brings user perspectives to bear, leading to a deeper insight and a series of conclusions as how to best support human-centered cycling tourism experiences.


Keep on cycling everybody!

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  1. 2015/02/11 um 11:10 PM

    Hi Franzi! Bin seit langem mal wieder bei Dir gelandet und freue mich dass es Dir gut ght und du zu disem super apnnenden Thema in den US forschen wirst! Auch mixh wird es bald für längere Zeit aufs Bike führen! Melde dich mal wenn du wieder in München bist, die alte Truppe gibts weiterhin und alle freuen dich zu sehen!

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