Cycling Girona: Ruta del Carrilet II

After a 2-months cycling break, in which I moved to Spain, settled down in my new flat in the historic center of Girona and started with my EMTM classmates our 3rd semester at the UdG (Universitat de Girona), I decided that it was time to discover my new home on the back of my bicycle. My search for „cycling routes“ around Girona, brought me to the website of „ViesVerdes“ Girona (Greenways), where I found out about 2 ways which directly go from Girona to the north (Olot) and to the south (Sant Feliu de Guíxols). A short visit in the tourism office of Girona around noon, equipped me with necessary maps & route descriptions. As my desire for a good swim in the ocean was already growing, I decided to cycle the Ruta del Carrilet II, with Sant Feliu de Guíxols (oceanfront) as my final destination. From Girona the entrance of the path was easy to find and continued to be well-marked throughout the whole track. While following the old narrow-gauge railway line, I got the chance to cycle through two counties of Girona – Girones and Baix Emporda – from the Ter River bassin, crossing La Selva depression and ending in the Ridaura valley. After leaving the suburbs from Girona behind, I entered after Cassa de la Selva a beautiful rural & forestry area until I reached the Beach (Catalan: Platja) in Sant Feliu. The city beach did not look very promising, so I decided to take advantage of my bicycle and cycled a few curves further, where I found a lovely bay with crystal-clear water. The ideal place to jump into the water! As I headed out quite late from Girona, I decided that 45km were enough for this day and I planned to return to Girona by bus. The lady in the Tourism Office told me that from Sant Feliu the company Teisa Bus would take bicycles. They did and for 6,10€ I returned happy, after a beautiful day of cycling & swimming to Girona, my new home town. Compared to France, the cycling route is partly very poorly maintained with sandy areas, holes & various bumps. However, I would consider the trail as an easy ride with no serious difficulties for those who are regularly doing sports and feeling comfortable with cycling on unpaved roads. For those who don’t, there might be some parts where it would be better to wheel the bicycle. The whole route is car-free, which makes it even more enjoyable & relaxing! I definitely would recommend this tour as a nice & pleasant day tour with beautiful views and a refreshing jump into the ocean as a great reward!

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