Cycling Europe: La Velodyssey

Before I started my bicycle trip, many people asked me: “How many kilometers are you planning to cycle per day? What is your route itinerary? When are you going to be where?” To all of those questions I always replied: “I don’t know yet. I will see”. This didn’t sound very promising to many and I could see in their eyes little doubts, whether I can make this ambitious tour or not. The fact that I was not pre-experienced and alone on my way did not calm their fears. Still, I decided to try it my way and to not let me paralyze by the fears of others. Courageous, full of joy, spirit and energy I started this tour and the moment I was sitting on my bike it just felt right! In retrospective, I would never do it another way. Keeping things unplanned gave me every day the freedom to enjoy moments with people I met along the way, to experience new things and to travel in harmony with myself. I listened to my heart and deeply enjoyed all the gifts that were presented to me during this trip. If someone would ask me, what was the best about this trip, I would say: “It’s not about how many kilometers you make or if you reach your final destination or not, it is about giving yourself a chance to be surprised everyday by how magnificent this world can be! It’s about sitting on your bicycle and feeling complete happiness & satisfaction and finally it’s the people you meet, the beauty you see and all the little things that ‘make your heart jump with joy’.” Even though, considering myself a well-experienced traveler, it was the first time with my bicycle that I reached this very unique feeling & state of mind. My wish for now is that due to my experience I can inspire others to overcome their fears, jump into the unknown and discover the beauty of traveling around the world by bicycle! I am deeply thankful that during my whole trip I felt protected, guided and supported by the thoughts of my loved ones. Thank you for all! After almost 2,000 cycled kilometers and three weeks of continuous cycling with only one day of rest I decided to take a longer cycling break and enjoy the rest of my 1,5 weeks of holiday in France & Spain. The first, but for sure not my last cycling adventure!


“Courage is the most important gift for those who seek the language of the world.”

“Life is an act of courage. And an act of courage is also always an act of love.”



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