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Mayan textiles arrive in Bavaria!

Sunny weather + beautiful lakes + good friends + awesome Guatemalan products = the perfect summer day!


Product highlights: Scarfs, Hairclips, Earrings, Beach and Travel Bags! Everyone loves the unique, handmade and 100% organic textiles / jewellery, so I already have a list of new orders! BUT the question is: how can I manage to import the Guatemalan products to Germany without paying exaggerating shipping costs and taxes? Any ideas? Suggestions?

Lema Association

The Lema Association is a women’s weaving cooperative located in the heart of San Juan la Laguna using traditional Mayan techniques to create their handmade products. Lema’s items are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.


Since the concept of Lema’ showed great success, competition increased immensely in the last years while the number of tourists is declining. My main aim for the 1.5 months with Lema’ was to help them with marketing, public relation and international sales.


Some examples what I achieved together with them during that time:

Designing new products for the shop: Beenies, Infinity Scarves, Travel Bags, Postcards

Advertising material: First Lema’ Postcard Edition

Social media marketing: Increase of facebook fans by 60%, Increase of people who talk about us on facebook 300%

Network: Extension of Lema’s local and international network to sell their products in new markets.

Fashion Catalogue: A 25 page fashion catalogue with ideas for new products designs

Fotoshooting: New pictures for advertisement and marketing

Online Sales: First contacts to online platforms for selling handmade products (US/GER). Research on Shipping Costs / Logistics.


As always time is passing much faster and now it is time for me to say GOODBYE to Lema, San Juan la Laguna, Lake Atitlán and especially to all the wonderful people I met during my time in Guatemala!


I am in love with the idea, the products and the people so my work will not end by leaving Guatemala, but continue in the future!


UPCOMING: Yard sale for family and friends of Lema’ and Alma de Colores products in Lenggries / Bavaria! Be curious!

Send me a Postcard!

Until now, there is no place in San Juan la Laguna, where you can buy postcards. As getting a real postcard is still very different from just writing an email or text a message I decided to design a first selection of 8 different postcards for Lema‘! My boss Rosa was immediately amazed by the idea. Now we try to figure out where would be the best and cheapest printing store!

Alma de Colores

Alma de Colores is a jewellery project for disabled children in San Juan la Laguna. It helps them to get a profession, earn money on their own and get step by step more independent. Due to the existent poorness it is even harder for people here with a handicapped child. This lovely project with its very warm-hearted people does not receive any governmental support until now and is totally self-funded, so I decided it would be a very good thing to support them a little bit! In two days and almost 6 hours, I tried to make the best selection of their lovely handmade products for you, so everyone will surely find something he likes! 🙂

Día de San Juan

The 24th of June is saint’s day of „San Juan“, the name giver of „San Juan la Laguna“. This is of course a good reason to celebrate with incredible loud music, rockets, street food, different parades and dances! Some impressions of the last days.


Lastly I spoke to the founder of a women’s cooperative in San Pedro la Laguna and that’s what she told me: “You know, textile and coffee cooperatives here give women a vow! Many women are still confronted with sexual mistreatment and violence from their husbands. As they tend to get their children very early, they don’t see a way how to leave their husbands and so they remain calm! The associations not only give them an opportunity to earn their own money but also support them mentally in the process of being more self-aware and independent not accepting violent treating. It’s a long process but it is definitely worth it!”



Letztens habe ich mit der Vorsitzenden einer Café – Kooperative in San Pedro la Laguna gesprochen und sie meinte zu mir: “ Die Textil- und Café Kooperativen hier am Lago di Atitlán geben den Frauen eine Stimme! Häusliche Gewalt ist hier immer noch ein zentrales Thema! Da viele Frauen sehr früh ihre Kinder bekommen, trauen sie sich nicht etwas zu sagen und noch weniger sich von ihren Männern zu trennen. Die Kooperativen helfen den Frauen ihr eigenes Geld zu verdienen und unterstützen sie in dem Prozess unabhängiger und selbstständiger zu werden und sich nicht alles gefallen zu lassen. Es ist ein langer Prozess der Bewusstseinsbildung, aber er ist es wert!“



The natural yarn-dyeing process..

Two days ago I got the chance to see how the women dye their yarn in a natural way. Cutting plants, boiling water, cooking the plants and finally dyeing the yarn! Very simple and so natural! Why do we need those toxic chemicals to dye our clothes and risk peoples and childrens health, while everything is existent in the nature?
Take a look and think about it! Comments on it (in every language) are very welcomed! The page needs to get more interactive 🙂

Working for Lema Association!

Since Monday, I am working with the women’s cooperative Lema!

Lema is an association of women weavers based in Solola, Guatemala. All of their textiles are hand-woven and dyed naturally with plants around Lake Atilan including coconut shell, pericón, pepper, achiote, among others.

The weaving cooperative was established on September 27, 2001 and started out with 15 women. Each product made by these weavers combines the centuries old Guatemalan tradition of weaving with modern style and quality. Each purchase helps support the cooperative and also helps the women generate a viable income to support their families.

For orders, just email me! 🙂

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