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Bicycle Tourism Research

>>>> To all touring cyclists – I need your help – Please participate in my research study & let’s push bicycle travel forward. Thanks, Franziska <<<<


For my last semester of the European Master in Tourism Management, I was invited as a research scholar to the U.S. to conduct my research on Bicycle Travel. The focus of the research is on: Designing a human-centered bicycle tourism experience. It’s about understanding people’s past / present experiences on bicycle travel in order to inform how these experiences can be enhanced in the future and make bicycle travel more meaningful and memorable to touring cyclists.


The Research Target: All touring cyclists who have been / or currently are on a self-supported long-distance bike tour – at least a week or longer.


I need a total of 100 to 200 participants – so please, help to spread the word. The survey will be open until May, 15th.


>>>> You can fill in the survey directly beneath – just scroll down – or click on the following link: Online Survey on Bicycle Travel <<<<


Lots of thanks & happy cycling, Franziska.

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HoodRide: Living in a Shipping Container

The decision was made: I’m gonna spend my last semester of the European Master in Tourism Management in Phoenix, Arizona studying at Arizona State University (ASU). The pending question: Where to stay? Checking AirBnB, the first thing that caught my attention was the offer from Cindi and Derrick, who are the owners of the local bike shop -HoodRide- and offer shipping containers for stay. Bicycles, Community Vibes & a totally different sleeping experience sounded perfect to me. And here I am: in the middle of the Artistic District in Phoenix Downtown, surrounded by a community of creative & amazing people, enjoying my experience to live in a shipping container with an outdoor bathroom, where you can watch the stars while taking a shower in the middle of the US’s 6th largest city. A happy day and come by to visit!

Everyday here is a new source of inspiration.

Adopt a…

One of my most recent ‚ i like projects‘, is called „ADOPT a….“ Project. Since living in Denmark, I came across this concept twice: First time by reading the article „Organic Community Tourism: A cocreated Approach“ given to us by Dr. Janne J.Liburd our professor in Sustainable Tourism Development and secondly when we went to visit the Latin Quarter in Aarhus.


ADOPT a Station

First ScotRail offer their railway stations throughout Scotland for adoption to the local community. The aim is to revitalize the station with non-railway activities and enhance through cocreate services by locals the tourist experience. The stations can be utilized free of charge. Since its launch in 2005, approx. 156 station (out of 343) have been adopted. Instead of unused space, nowadays you can find in the stations: e.g. bookshop, community meeting rooms, art galleries, gardening activity and bunkhouses. Link to the website.


Adopt-A-Box is a project run by voluntary people that aims to cultivate the city centre by bringing edible plants into an urban setting. The idea is that local businesses, cafés, residents etc adopt a box and give it a place to live on their doorstep, water the plants through the summer months and finally, reap the rewards at a community harvest in the autumn.Starting in the Latin Quarter of Aarhus in 2012, Adopt-A-Box hopes to both decorate and provide food (for thought) for the people that use the area. Link to the website with more picutres.


 Some of my ideas for further „ADOPT a …“ projects:


ADOPT a bicycle

Every city, village, town knows them: the abandonend bicycles noone wants anymore. You can find them everywhere. Especially on train, bus, metro stations or universities and student resident houses. ADOPT one of them, fix it, design it, decorate it and after a joint cycle tour through the city sell it at a final auction.

ADOPT a fruit tree

ADOPT a fruit tree and take care of the tree and the fruits. Fruits are harvested in a community event and processed further into juice, marmelade…

ADOPT a waste bin

Most waste bins are ugly and only used as waste bins. Can a waste bin be something more? Adopt one, design it and use it as an innovative city art gallery ore even to transport messages in an innovative way.

ADOPT a market booth

Mostly every city has a street called ‚market street‘, but can we feel nowadays with all the inside shops the real market experience? The ADOPT a ‚market booth‘ project brings the market back to our streets, where real market life happens and people search and bargain for the best products.


What you would like to ADOPT in your home country/city? Which ADOPT a … project could you think of?


Montara Lighthouse Hostel

Just 25 miles away from San Francisco, I found out about that lovely hostel directly at a Lighthouse Station. If you ever got the chance to go there its really worth a visit. From the shower and kitchen you have a beautiful view on the ocean. They also have their own little beach and the Marine Reserve is just around the corner!

Why a Kolibri?

While travelling through Panama in 2009 I saw for the first time in my life a real Kolibri. This beautiful shot taken at Isla Bastimentos inspired me since than and so I new, if I ever would have my own logo it has to include a Kolibri!

First Business Cards

Yeah! Today my first own business cards arrived. Love them! Thanxs + Hugs to my wonderful graphic designer Petra from normalindustries!



welcome to my brand new blog


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