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Phoenix Downtown: Art District

1st Friday! Every first Friday in a month, the Art District of Phoenix Downtown – Roosevelt Row is turning into a lively, vibrant and creative art space full of people doing and watching art. Graffiti is pretty big, and many former houses were turned into art galleries and workshops. Artists are spraying new graffitis, good sound is coming out of the speakers and people enjoy their time while being part of this artistic project. Pop-up art exhibitions and parties on dirt lots, with guitar players, barbecue and skatebord & BMX ramps, surrounded by graffiti art and people from all over who stop to have a beer together.


-A tribute to handwritten words-

In times of what’s App & facebook, how lovely it is sometimes to get a handwritten postcard or letter? This year I designed a collection of 240 different PostCards and gave them as Christmas presents to family & friends. They should give an occasion and inspiration to send again some handwritten words. All the drawings were sketched from inspiration during my travels around the world!



Die Arbeiten an der neuen Mützen-Winterkollektion haben begonnen. Euch gefallen die manouk Mützen, ihr braucht noch ein individuelles Weihnachtsgeschenk oder ihr wollt einfach nur sozial sein und mich während meiner Studienzeit finanziell unterstützen? 🙂 Dann: wählt euch eure Lieblingsfarben aus, schreibt mir das Maß eures Kopfumfangs/Länge auf und ihr bekommt eure eigene, handgemachte manouk Mütze.

Manouk Beanies

The manouk beanie production for the winter season started. How to get a unqiue and handmade manouk beanie?

1 Choose your favourite colours

2 Choose your size

3 Order at

4 Get your own and handmade beanie



Adopt a…

One of my most recent ‚ i like projects‘, is called „ADOPT a….“ Project. Since living in Denmark, I came across this concept twice: First time by reading the article „Organic Community Tourism: A cocreated Approach“ given to us by Dr. Janne J.Liburd our professor in Sustainable Tourism Development and secondly when we went to visit the Latin Quarter in Aarhus.


ADOPT a Station

First ScotRail offer their railway stations throughout Scotland for adoption to the local community. The aim is to revitalize the station with non-railway activities and enhance through cocreate services by locals the tourist experience. The stations can be utilized free of charge. Since its launch in 2005, approx. 156 station (out of 343) have been adopted. Instead of unused space, nowadays you can find in the stations: e.g. bookshop, community meeting rooms, art galleries, gardening activity and bunkhouses. Link to the website.


Adopt-A-Box is a project run by voluntary people that aims to cultivate the city centre by bringing edible plants into an urban setting. The idea is that local businesses, cafés, residents etc adopt a box and give it a place to live on their doorstep, water the plants through the summer months and finally, reap the rewards at a community harvest in the autumn.Starting in the Latin Quarter of Aarhus in 2012, Adopt-A-Box hopes to both decorate and provide food (for thought) for the people that use the area. Link to the website with more picutres.


 Some of my ideas for further „ADOPT a …“ projects:


ADOPT a bicycle

Every city, village, town knows them: the abandonend bicycles noone wants anymore. You can find them everywhere. Especially on train, bus, metro stations or universities and student resident houses. ADOPT one of them, fix it, design it, decorate it and after a joint cycle tour through the city sell it at a final auction.

ADOPT a fruit tree

ADOPT a fruit tree and take care of the tree and the fruits. Fruits are harvested in a community event and processed further into juice, marmelade…

ADOPT a waste bin

Most waste bins are ugly and only used as waste bins. Can a waste bin be something more? Adopt one, design it and use it as an innovative city art gallery ore even to transport messages in an innovative way.

ADOPT a market booth

Mostly every city has a street called ‚market street‘, but can we feel nowadays with all the inside shops the real market experience? The ADOPT a ‚market booth‘ project brings the market back to our streets, where real market life happens and people search and bargain for the best products.


What you would like to ADOPT in your home country/city? Which ADOPT a … project could you think of?


Exploring Kolding / Denmark

Kolding, located in the region „Syddanmark“ is a Danish harbour city with around 57.000 inhabitants. The small and cosy town gives location to three universities: SDU (Southern Denmark University), Design Skolen Kolding (Design School Kolding) and IBA (International Business Academy). Design plays an important role in the city of Kolding: Design Museums, Design projects and festivals but also places like the „Nicolai neighbourhood“ and the future positioning as Design City Kolding contribute to a diverse social life. City planners and designers make a huge effort in shaping the future strategies for Kolding with the focus on sustainabilty, new forms of cooperation and innovation through design. Kolding offers space for creativity, small design stores and co-creation concepts. Be a designer of your own „Heimat“!

Mayan textiles arrive in Bavaria!

Sunny weather + beautiful lakes + good friends + awesome Guatemalan products = the perfect summer day!


Product highlights: Scarfs, Hairclips, Earrings, Beach and Travel Bags! Everyone loves the unique, handmade and 100% organic textiles / jewellery, so I already have a list of new orders! BUT the question is: how can I manage to import the Guatemalan products to Germany without paying exaggerating shipping costs and taxes? Any ideas? Suggestions?

Lema Association

The Lema Association is a women’s weaving cooperative located in the heart of San Juan la Laguna using traditional Mayan techniques to create their handmade products. Lema’s items are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.


Since the concept of Lema’ showed great success, competition increased immensely in the last years while the number of tourists is declining. My main aim for the 1.5 months with Lema’ was to help them with marketing, public relation and international sales.


Some examples what I achieved together with them during that time:

Designing new products for the shop: Beenies, Infinity Scarves, Travel Bags, Postcards

Advertising material: First Lema’ Postcard Edition

Social media marketing: Increase of facebook fans by 60%, Increase of people who talk about us on facebook 300%

Network: Extension of Lema’s local and international network to sell their products in new markets.

Fashion Catalogue: A 25 page fashion catalogue with ideas for new products designs

Fotoshooting: New pictures for advertisement and marketing

Online Sales: First contacts to online platforms for selling handmade products (US/GER). Research on Shipping Costs / Logistics.


As always time is passing much faster and now it is time for me to say GOODBYE to Lema, San Juan la Laguna, Lake Atitlán and especially to all the wonderful people I met during my time in Guatemala!


I am in love with the idea, the products and the people so my work will not end by leaving Guatemala, but continue in the future!


UPCOMING: Yard sale for family and friends of Lema’ and Alma de Colores products in Lenggries / Bavaria! Be curious!

Send me a Postcard!

Until now, there is no place in San Juan la Laguna, where you can buy postcards. As getting a real postcard is still very different from just writing an email or text a message I decided to design a first selection of 8 different postcards for Lema‘! My boss Rosa was immediately amazed by the idea. Now we try to figure out where would be the best and cheapest printing store!

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