Bicycle Tourism Research

>>>> To all touring cyclists – I need your help – Please participate in my research study & let’s push bicycle travel forward. Thanks, Franziska <<<<


For my last semester of the European Master in Tourism Management, I was invited as a research scholar to the U.S. to conduct my research on Bicycle Travel. The focus of the research is on: Designing a human-centered bicycle tourism experience. It’s about understanding people’s past / present experiences on bicycle travel in order to inform how these experiences can be enhanced in the future and make bicycle travel more meaningful and memorable to touring cyclists.


The Research Target: All touring cyclists who have been / or currently are on a self-supported long-distance bike tour – at least a week or longer.


I need a total of 100 to 200 participants – so please, help to spread the word. The survey will be open until May, 15th.


>>>> You can fill in the survey directly beneath – just scroll down – or click on the following link: Online Survey on Bicycle Travel <<<<


Lots of thanks & happy cycling, Franziska.

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