International Tourism & Marketing Specialist, Franziska Mattner was granted in 2013 with a scholarship to join the „European Master in Tourism Management“, selected by the European Commission as a European Master of excellence. Since August 2013, Franziska is currently studying with 33 students from 25 nations in at least 3 different countries & universities: 1. Denmark: University of Southern Denmark, 2. Slovenia: Faculty of EconomicsUniversity of Ljubljana, 3. Spain: Universitat de Girona.

Tourism & Sport and Niche Tourism Products like Bicycle Travel, Camping Tourism and Regional Development combined with Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Branding are her main interests for research & work.

After she earned her Diploma’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Franziska worked for three years as a full-time Marketing & Project Manager for the start-up company KristallTurm – a climbing & adventure company selling their products around the globe (-> KristallTurm).

For leisure and business purposes, Franziska is travelling all over the world (-> Travel). She lived in Spain, Austria, Denmark and Slovenia, volunteered in Guatemala and travelled extensively throughout Central America, Europe, USA, and New Zealand.

Franziska is passionate about photography, writing & drawings (-> Design) as for her these are the best ways to express and share her experiences with others during her travels.

be different. be creative. be positive.


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