A Bicycle Miracle

This is an amazing story and I need to share it with all of you. Read it! ALL! 🙂


— part 1: France —

Last year, when I was cycling from Germany to France, I met many amazing people on the way. One of them, a couple from Canada – Jacky & Ralf Winter – who had sold everything to head out with their bikes on a two year adventure. The first time our journeys crossed was in a hostel in Nantes; a few days after we stayed coincidently at the same campground in La Tranche-sur-Mer, where we went out together for dinner and ice cream sharing interesting bike stories and experiences; before we met again the next day just before arriving in La Rochelle.


Since I’m here in the US, I kept on thinking about the two, their great adventure & wondered where they would be at the moment. Their ideas on how to make Bicycle Travel better & more meaningful had inspired me and so I already had included a quote from them in the Prologue of my thesis.


— part 2: Phoenix, Arizona —

Last week I got the chance to meet with Christine, a member of the Warmshowers Community in Phoenix, who is planning her first long tour this summer, going all way from Seattle to San Diego. She’s been dreaming about this tour for years and we met in the Public Market Café to talk about bicycle travel as a solo woman. I tried to encourage her to do this amazing tour and turn her dreams into reality. After a night full of good talking we agreed to go on a short overnight bike tour together.


— part 3: A Bicycle Miracle —

Just two days after we have met, I got a message from Christine saying: „This is a bicycle miracle – I am hosting two warm shower cyclists who you met in France – Ralf & Jacky Winter“. This message was mind-blowing. The same Ralf & Jacky I met in August 2014 at the Atlantic Coast in France were here in Phoenix, Arizona staying with Christine, a girl I just met two days ago. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to spend the whole day with Ralf & Jack – going for lunch, showing them where I currently live and sharing many new inspiring cycling stories. Can I just quote everything you said? 😉

Safe & happy bike travels to both of you!


Thanks for this BICYCLE MIRACLE – I’m still overwhelmed with joy for this once in a life-time coincidence.


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