Archive: März, 2015

Phoenix Downtown: Art District

1st Friday! Every first Friday in a month, the Art District of Phoenix Downtown – Roosevelt Row is turning into a lively, vibrant and creative art space full of people doing and watching art. Graffiti is pretty big, and many former houses were turned into art galleries and workshops. Artists are spraying new graffitis, good sound is coming out of the speakers and people enjoy their time while being part of this artistic project. Pop-up art exhibitions and parties on dirt lots, with guitar players, barbecue and skatebord & BMX ramps, surrounded by graffiti art and people from all over who stop to have a beer together.

HoodRide: Living in a Shipping Container

The decision was made: I’m gonna spend my last semester of the European Master in Tourism Management in Phoenix, Arizona studying at Arizona State University (ASU). The pending question: Where to stay? Checking AirBnB, the first thing that caught my attention was the offer from Cindi and Derrick, who are the owners of the local bike shop -HoodRide- and offer shipping containers for stay. Bicycles, Community Vibes & a totally different sleeping experience sounded perfect to me. And here I am: in the middle of the Artistic District in Phoenix Downtown, surrounded by a community of creative & amazing people, enjoying my experience to live in a shipping container with an outdoor bathroom, where you can watch the stars while taking a shower in the middle of the US’s 6th largest city. A happy day and come by to visit!

Everyday here is a new source of inspiration.

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