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Tastes of Autumn – Costa Brava

The Costa Brava, where I’m currently living, is mainly known for its beautiful coastline and of course for Barcelona. Since arriving in Girona by early September, I had the chance to discover the beauty of this region without the mass tourism during the summer months. And what I can definitely say: Visit the Costa Brava and discover the beautiful tastes of autumn! This region has a lot more to offer than for what it is famous: Cultural festivals like the St. Narcis Festival in Girona, Hikes around lakes and forests dyed in shiny autumn colors, Small cozy towns like Besalu, Begur and Cadaqués. It’s the diversity which surprises me everyday: From wild coastlines, to historical towns with stunning architecture to high mountain ranges – Catalonia has it all!


When talking to people, I realized that barely anyone has heard of Girona before or only because it is the Ryanair airport for Barcelona. For all of you flying to Girona to visit Barcelona, from now on take your time and come to Girona – this town is just very special! It’s markets, cathedral, cozy squares, beautiful walks along the city wall, small boutique shops and its relaxed atmosphere. Without the rush of larger cities you will enjoy yourself by strolling around and inhale its unique atmosphere.

Mercy Girona for this warm-hearted welcome.

European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM), 3rd

In 2010 EMTM became an Erasmus Mundus master course making it to the list of European master and doctoral programs of excellence. Since September 2014, we are enrolled at the University of GironaFaculty of Tourism in Spain, Catalonia. After having gathered an advanced knowledge on sustainable tourism concepts and policy strategies, the third semester is devoted to fully analyze the actual and effective implementation by private businesses, public administrations and public-private partnerships.

From September 2014 to January 2015 the EMTM master students attend the following courses: Local tourism destination development, Cultural tourism in urban destination, Customer management in tourism, Partnership and network management in tourism, Innovation and new product development, Contractual arrangements in the management of tourism and Introduction to master thesis. The third semester challenges students in practical implementation of previously learned theoretical knowledge with a main focus on innovation, product and destination development strengthening the strategic importance of partnerships, collaboration and networks for long-term success in tourism.

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