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Cycling Europe: Bodensee & Rhein-Route

486 kilometers! After the first part of my journey to the Lake Constance on the 18th of July I continued my way along the lake. Passing Austria, I finally entered Switzerland. With a short detour to St. Gallen to visit lovely friends, I continued my way to Constance.
From there the national cycling path No. 2 took me further along the Rhine River to Basel and Neuenburg, where I left the way to cycle uphill into the wine regions / Black Forest. During this second part of my European Cycling Trip, where I passed three different countries and crossed several times borders between Germany and Switzerland, I met so many amazing people and I would like to thank all for being incredible hosts & friends. Thank you!


Cycling Europe: Bodensee – Königsee Radweg

…or „A TIME OF GIFTS‘ has started!


„Bereit sein ist viel, warten können ist mehr, doch erst den rechten Augenblick nützen ist alles.“ [Arthur Schnitzler]  „Taking advantage of the right moment means everything.“


Slowly my equipment was complete and every day I got more and more impatient to finally start my trip. Unfortunately, I got sick and weather changed. A couple of days we did not see anything but rain and from day to day my unwillingness to wait grew. Taking it in the end with humor and the faith that most things happen for a reason, me and my good friend Rouse were heading off on Saturday the 12th of July around 3 pm. Starting directly from my home town the cycling path called „Bodensee-Königsee Radweg“ should guide me all the way from Bad Tölz until Lake Constance (Bodensee).


The moment we left home, the great feeling of freedom was running through my veins. Nothing planned but the destiny of my first stage: Lindau. After 5 days, with one day of not cycling (after Germany won the World Championship), I reached Lindau after 213 kilometers on Wednesday, the 16th of July. From the moment I started cycling, I felt that all the planning and preparation was worth it; being on the move, with an open heart and a big smile on my lips, knowing that in this moment my dream is becoming true! Like the title of the only book I brought with me „A time of Gifts“…already in this few days I’m sincerely thankful to all the gifts in form of people, moments, scenery and feelings that were given to me. Thanks for all!


“ Wie immer, wenn wir ganz auf das konzentriert sind, was wir wirklich wollen, beginnen die Dinge perfekt ineinanderzugreifen.“ ; „As always, if you focus on what you really want, things start to perfectly intertwine.“



Cycling Europe: from Munich to Barcelona

My passion for cycling started in my early childhood…

One Sunday morning in 1992, when I was six years old, I convinced my dad to cycle with me from Lenggries to Munich because I wanted to visit my mum at the Oktoberfest. Not even having my own bicycle we first went to a local bike store to rent one. Equipped with a good lunch box, a strong will and more courage than physical strenghts I, my dad and my brother started our adventurous trip of entirely 60 kilometers. Surprisingly after we had to overcome some small difficulties and a short visit in the hospital: I made it to the Oktoberfest!


Twelve years later…

As I never lost this sense for adventurous trips, it motivates me to extend my cycling project from 60km to more than 1,600 km! During my semester break I decided to cycle from Munich (Germany) to Barcelona (Spain), crossing Switzerland and France. The idea started in my head when I was still studying in Denmark and grew slowly over the last months in Slovenia. Cycling through at least four different countries and experience all of them from the back of my bicycle sounded not only like the perfect thing to do for my summer break but also adds to my professional knowledge on bicycle travel & tourism.


I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of momens of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we thinke we’re alone. (charles de lint)

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