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I feel sLOVEnia.

I feel Slovenia! Or, the only country with the word LOVE in its country name! This is how Slovenia nowadays is promoting themselves as a country or tourism destination to the foreign markets. From its independence in 1991 it was quite some work for the Tourism Board to change its negative image due to Yugoslavian war time and to build up an own and unique brand. Often confused with Slovakia (similar flag), Slovenian tourism & marketing representatives did an amazing job to promote the country’s unique treasures through a well-elaborated and coherent brand & tourism strategy attracting more than 3 million tourists in 2012. Compared to Slovenias overall population of only 2 million people this number is even more impressing. Slovenia is well-located within central Europe neighbouring with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. With a surface of only 20,273km² the country is about the same size as the German Federal States: Hessen or Sachsen-Anhalt. „Green“ forms the core of the Slovenian brand identity and is regarded as the „national colour“ of Slovenia by Slovenes themselves. „Slovene green“ stands for intact nature and the focus to keep it that way, for lifestyle equilibrium and an orientation towards nature. Slovenia: Green, Active, Healthy!


What makes me love Slovenia? It is the wilderness, the nature, a crystal-blue of its rivers I never saw before, the blooming trees in spring, the countryside, the fact that everyone even in the city of Ljubljana has a small garden growing its own vegetables & fruits and the beautiful capital Ljubljana.

Slovenia for me is wild, romantic and inspiring and definitely worth a visit!

European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM), 2nd

In 2010 EMTM became an Erasmus Mundus master course making it to the list of European master and doctoral programs of excellence. Since February 2014, we are enrolled at the University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics in Slovenia, ranking number 29 of worlds best master for tourism & hospitality management. The semester is dedicated to learn about policy and strategy design, with emphasis on environmental issues in tourism development. From February to June 2014 we attend the following courses: Environmental Economics in Tourism (Professor: Tanja Mihalič Ph.D.) , Research Methods in Tourism (Professor: Richard Perdue Ph.D. from VirginiaTech, USA), Envrionmental Magement in Tourism (Professor: Tanja Mihalič Ph.Dd, Pauline Sheldon Ph.D. from University of Hawaii, Miša Novak), ITHAS – Sailing Academy, Tourism in the EU (Professor: Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar Ph.D.), Tourism Policy (Professor: William C. Gartner, Ph.D. from University of Minnesota, USA). Whereas the first semester in Denmark challenged students in interdisciplinarity (tourism & design faculty), co-design, creative and independent thinking as well as academic writing, Slovenia is more about training the ability to work under high time pressure within international teams and different professional backgrounds. Discussions, presentations and active contribution to the courses are essential criteria to pass.

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