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Early in the morning I walked to the Visitor Center (the best institution in every park for maps / information / water / post cards with very friendly & helpful staff. Thanks for that! ) being told by the ranger that the weather forecasts predicts snow for the next days and that our planned route would take us even higher up into the mountains. Our conclusion: plan change! Instead of moving further north / east we decided instead going south / east, as temperatures were promised to be higher during nights. Before leaving this fascinating area we spent the whole day in Bryce Canyon, hiking the Rim Trail, Najavo Trail and Garden Trail. While the Rim Trail offers you spectacular views of the amphitheater from the bird view the other two trails lead you down directly into the canyon to enjoy the amazing stones from the frog perspective.


Utah-89 and Utah-12 brought us after some drive still early in the afternoon to Dixie Nationalforest and Red Canyon. Both of them just shortly located before Bryce Canyon. The beautiful Red Canyon Campground (15$/night) convinced us to stay there, not being aware at that time how cold nights could become in May and by not considering the fact that we were already at a height of around 2.200 m. But still, the beautiful views offered by these red rock mountains, a very good dinner and our first fire made the sleepless & freezing (approx. – 4 degrees) night worth it.


After a stormy second night we decided to move on to Zion National Park. Shortly before Zion we left the main road in Rockville (small & cozy village) to discover the Grafton Ghost-town on a dirt road. A beautiful scenery and tranquility offered us spectacular views of the National Park from a distance. Unfortunately, the closer we came to the entrance of Zion the more touristy and crowded it became. As all campgrounds were fully booked, we decided to move on. A good decision as the road leads directly through the park and we enjoyed the scenic route at sunset while no one else was driving there.


Leaving from Vegas on the I-15 East we took Exit 27 to Valley of Fire State Park. After driving through absolut darkness with a lot of wildlife and a sky full of stars, we arrived at the Atlatl Campground. A nice place inbetween the typical red rocks of the Valley of Fire. The bizarre stone formations invited us to climb, jumb, sit and rest on them.

How the adventurous Road Trip started…

…late at night on the 30th of April we – that’s Meike from Berlin, me and the blue Ford Mustang named GRASSHOPPER left Vegas for an adventurous Road Trip through the National Parks. We had a rough plan about the tour but finally we ended up with a completely different but amazing trip! Be curious! 🙂


Las Vegas


First impression on Road Trippin‘ USA..

The Horseshoe Bend / Colorado River near Page and Lake Powell.

Very impressive views before sunset!

The Horseshoe Bend

The Horseshoe Bend

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